SarahHi, my name is Sarah and I am an independent beauty, health and nutrition reporter at a newspaper here in Clovis, California. While I have reported on many topics, anti-aging has been one of the those that I have always found to be perplexing. The reason for that is because there are so many pharmaceutical companies that spread information through social media that is simply not true.

I have a lot of aunts in my family and I wanted to try out products that would help them. Most of the products that I had asked them to test showed virtually no effect and a couple them caused redness and itching may be because of their skin type.

I started Ageless Bloom blog with the goal of writing about anti-aging and the experiences that I had observed with the product testing on my aunts. Finally, I was able to single out a couple of products that stood out and actually benefited them in helping wrinkles around their mouth and they were: Instant Wrinkle Reducer and few others. Most importantly, these are not fly-by-night companies that vanish with your money!

Apart from this, they were able to gain benefits by changing their diet to include foods that help slow down aging and also supplementing their diet with collagen which helps improve not only your skin but also your bone and muscles too.

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